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Consulate General of India

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Clarifications/additional information on Renunciation / OCI process: Applicable to residents in the jurisdiction of CGI New York namely the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts , New Hampshire, New Jersey , New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Applicants can approach the Indian Consulate directly for renunciation of Indian passport

Documents required for Renunciation:

1) Renunciation Certificate, duly completed

2) Copy of Naturalization certificate

3). Last held Indian passport;

If the last held Indian Passport is not available, any Indian passport or birth certificate along with copy of parents Indian passport. In such cases, applicant fills up a Renunciation Declaration which will be acknowledged by the Consulate.


Documents supporting OCI Application ( Application to be made through M/s CKGS: www.in.ckgs.us)

1. Renunciation certificate

1(b). In case of applications with Renunciation Declaration, application to be accompanied by copy of /birth certificate/any Indian document to supplement the declaration like parent's Indian Passport/domicile certificate/PAN Card/property documents

2. Copy of US Passport (not necessary to notarize)

3. Naturalization certificate (Copy)

4. In case there is difference in the name as given in the renunciation certificate and the US Passport, a notarized affidavit in case of minor changes and court order for complete change of Name.

5. In case of major change in appearance (from Indian document), notarized affidavit

6. In case of application for OCI on the basis of spouse's Indian Nationality, Marriage certificate (Apostilled)

7. Applications of Minor Children need to be accompanied by birth certificate/notarized application signed by both parents/marriage certificate of parents/copies of both parents Indian Passports/OCIs.

8. In case of applications in lieu of existing PIO Cards, PIO Card in original

In case of any doubt on the documentation s required/process please contact:

1. CONS (CPV) : 917 280 8476 / cons.newyork@mea.gov.in

2. VC (OCI) : 917 650 1663 / ocipio.newyork@mea.gov.in

3. ACO (Passport) : 347 348 3372 / passport.newyork@mea.gov.in



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Working hours: 0900 hours to 1730 hours (Monday to Friday)
Telephone Numbers: (212) 774-0600
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